XIII International Conference

Submission of papers

Papers for the Conference should be submitted in English in a camera-ready format via the electronic submission system. The length of the submitted papers is restricted to 6 A4 pages.

Payment of registration fee

Each paper being published in the conference should be paid. Registration fee already includes payment for ONE paper. The registration fee should be paid till September, 15. Details

Publication in the Springer

According to the decision of PRIP'2016 Program Committee 23 papers were selected for publication in the series of "Communications in Computer and Information Science" in the Springer publishing house (see the list below). The best papers will be published after preparation of the paper by the authors in camera-ready format and a final peer review.

  1. Ingela Nystrom (Sweden) BoneSplit - A 3D painting tool for interactive bone segmentation in CT images
  2. Vincenzo Piuri (Italy) Emerging biometric technologies for automated border control gates
  3. Luigi Gallo (Italy) Vision-based human-computer interaction in the operating theatre
  4. A.M. Andrianov (Belarus), A.V. Tuzikov (Belarus) Computer-based technologies for virtual screening and analysis of chemical compounds promising for anti-HIV-1 drug design
  5. Golovko V. (Belarus) Deep neural networks: a theory, application and new trends
  6. Krasnoproshin V. (Belarus), Obraztsov V. (Belarus), Shut O. (Belarus) Novel approach to medical diagnostic: models, technology and systems
  7. Kalinovsky A. (Belarus), Kovalev V. (Belarus) Lung image segmentation using deep learning methods and convolutional neural networks
  8. Kovalev V. (Belarus), Kalinovsky A. (Belarus), Kovalev S. (Belarus) Deep learning with theano, torch, caffe, tensorflow, and deeplearning4j: which one is the best in speed and accuracy?
  9. Nedzvedz О. (Belarus), Ablameyko S. (Belarus), Belotserkovsky A. (Belarus) The algorithm for monitoring of evolution of stem cells
  10. Manilo L. (Russia), Nemirko A. (Russia) Reduction of the spectral feature space dimension in the multiclass problem of ECG-signals recognition
  11. Donskoy V. (Russia) On the smart trees and competence areas based decision forest
  12. Dokukin A. (Russia) Classless logical regularities and outliers detection
  13. Assanovich B. (Belarus), Terre V. (Spain), Penaranda-Foix F. (Spain) Watermarking pattern recognition in channels with substitution and bursty insertion and deletion errors
  14. Brancati N. (Italy), De Pietro G. (Italy), Frucci M. (Italy), Gallo L. (Italy) Dynamic clustering for skin detection in YCbCr colour space
  15. Doudkin A. (Belarus), Marushko Y. (Belarus) Ensembles of neural network for telemetry multivariate time series forecasting
  16. Krasnoproshin V. (Belarus), Mazouka D. (Belarus) Efficient organization of rendering process on graphics pipeline
  17. Novoselova N. (Belarus), Tom I. (Belarus) Semi-supervised clustering with active constraint selection
  18. Podenok L. (Belarus), Pertsev D. (Belarus) Hyperspectral data compression framework for earth remote sensing objectives
  19. Krasnoproshin V. (Belarus), Rodchenko V. (Belarus) Recognition algorithms based on the cluster structures
  20. Bobkov A. (Belarus), Gafurov S. (Belarus), Krasnoproshin V. (Belarus), Vissia H. (The Netherland) Semantic-based approach to web information processing
  21. Golovko V. (Belarus), Mikhno E. (Belarus), Brich A. (Belarus) A simple shallow convolutional neural network for accurate handwritten digit classification
  22. Starovoitov V. (Belarus) High dynamic range SAR image compression for visualization
  23. Mohd Amir (India), Kamna Yadav (India), Abhishek Jindal (India) New fast content based skew detection algorithm for document images